The Truth: Tartelette Toasted Palette

There’s SO much controversy around this palette…


I have to admit- I almost didn’t purchase this, but it was a palette that I’ve been waiting and waiting on for quite some time. To be honest- the Tarte Toasted Palette is the only Palette that I’ve actually been excited for this YEAR since Tarte began teasing it!!

But, within a week of it’s launch- there was SO much negative publicity around it. I watched SO many videos where other beauty bloggers and influencers were having a hard time with the way the shadows were blending, the fall out and kickback they were getting, so I was worried… was this going to be the first Tartelette Palette I was going to have to return?

…I purchased it despite all the negative reviews, and I was ready to be disappointed.

When I received it and had it in my hands…MA GOSH- was it EVER gorgeous!


All those warm shades were singing to me!

So what are my thoughts?

WELL. People were not lying when they said there was a lot of kickback when you dip your brush into the palette. My advice? DIP LIGHTLY, so you’ll waste as little product as possible.

BUT… I honestly don’t know what people were complaining about? I’m completely obsessed. Like all my other Tartelette Palettes, the pigmentation is insane. The shadows blend perfectly fine for me!

What’s interesting is that I LOVE all the warm shadows, and I do believe I have a lot of warm palettes… and you may be thinking- ‘no, I don’t need another warm palette’. But listen… coming from the girl who has a TON of warm palettes— the shades in this is like NONE other!Β They are truly all BEAUTIFUL, and they all complement each other SO well!

Downfall? I will say that I was having a little bit of trouble working with the shade ‘candle‘ (the one on the bottom left corner). Each time I try to use it, usually just to highlight the center of the lid, I have a hard time seeing any pigmentation. But, I have so many similar shades, that I really wasn’t TOO bummed that this shade wasn’t turning out as I wanted it to.


So- I say… forget all those negative comments! I think you should go out and purchase this palette right now!! YAS!


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