Stepping out into the Country

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on any vacation. Growing up, travelling was a huge part of my life, and sometimes you don’t know how important something is until you get a little taste of it. WELL… I finally got to step out and experience the northern part of Ontario. To be honest, Tobermory has been a place I’ve wanted to go to for quite some time now, and I really really needed to get away.


If you haven’t been to Canada’s North, prepared to be in awe, as I was in complete disbelief to find such a gorgeous place just a couple hours North of Toronto. I wasn’t really sure what to expect… I’ve heard great things, seen beautiful pictures, but to experience it… that’s a whole other story on it’s own.

Four hours of fist bumping, terrible singing, hair flowing in the wind, and a lot of whining from my dog in the back seat…we made it to Stokes Bay, just 30 minutes South of Tobermory. We stayed at a cute little cottage there, straight out of a Disney novel. It didn’t take me long to realize that I TRULY and SINCERELY could and would NEVER live in the country. The bugs, insects, snakes, and all the different types of wild life got me really anxious the entire time (besides the point but thought I’d share anyway).


ANYWAY, GUYS!!! Flowerpot Island was absolutely stunning! The water is a bit cold, but I couldn’t believe how clear that water is, it was like we travelled to the northern Caribbean where the water was the same but just a WHOLE lot colder! We brought the pup on the hike and he loved it! We stayed on the island for around 4 hours and headed back into the town of Tobermory, where we spent the rest of the afternoon eating (classic vacation).


The Grotto- well, it was an epic fail on our end, and precisely what led me to writing this post. After hearing such wonderful things about the Grotto, we were excited to jump into these caves. Well… if you don’t show up early in the morning… FORGET IT! There are limited parking spaces and each spot is reserved only for a certain amount of time. So, if you don’t take away anything at all- know this- GO EARLY and get your parking passes!


Last but not least, if you are heading to Tobermory, make sure you stop at Lions Head. It’s a beautiful and peaceful little town, which offers beautiful beaches and hiking trails!



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