How to achieve the perfect contour

The number of highlighters and contouring powders/creams in the market continues to multiply by the week!! With all this new goodies in the market, we really need a good brush to blend it all out!


The other day, as I was walking through makeup heaven, I noticed the Sephora #77 brush, just sitting there, hanging out in the centre aisle on the shelves where they make their recommendations for ‘hottest’ products. So I decided it would be the perfect time to write about this PRO Contour Blender brush!

Disclaimer: I’ve actually had this brush for a couple months. I bought it back when it first came out, and I hadn’t seen it anywhere or heard about it… but still went on a whim and added it to my shopping cart (cause I have no self control like that). When I first got it, I used it a couple times here and there… but ended up resorting back to my good old domed shape contouring brush. This week, I put the brush back to the test.

This brush is perfect if you want a SERIOUS contour. I mean, this is PERFECT for nights out, when you want people to see your contour and chiseled face from miles away. However, I do think you still need another brush (like a fluffy brush) to blend it all out… or else you just have a serious harsh line straight across your cheek (not pretty).

IMG_0604All in all, I think it’s a great brush! The bristles are soft, the shape of the brush makes it really easy to get into the hallow of your cheeks, nose and forehead. However,Β I think it’ll definitely work best if you use cream products to contour. I found it a little more difficult to blend out the powder products that I used, so that it would look as seamless as possible. It definitely took a little more effort and time than it normally would!

Shop Products:
Sephora PRO Contour Blender Brush
Shade + Light Contour Palette


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