Too Faced Bronzers

I apologize as it has been a minute since I’ve written a blog… but I’ve been over here putting some new products to the test. I finally found something worthy enough to write about!

It’s really important for me to write about products that I would use and feel strongly about! I would never write about a product just to have a post up in time. Instead, if I’ve written about it, I can assure you that it is, in my opinion, worthy to be written about!

Too Faced bronzers are nothing new to me. In fact, I have been using Chocolate Soleil in Medium/ Deep Matte for years now, and have written about it before as it is one of my top bronzers (check out some of my favourite bronzers!). I managed to dig through my makeup arsenal and found this beautiful Black Book of Bronzers, shout out to my awesome cousin for purchasing this super cute book for me, she honestly knows me too well!

This book has a total of 8 bronzers that Too Faced has put out, and let me just be honest here, I truly have nothing bad to say about ANY of them. Like many products, it’s all about preference. They have bronzers that are perfect for contouring, shading, bronzing, highlighting or adding that layer of sun kissed dewiness to your skin. Whatever you need, they pretty much have you covered!

Check out some of these beautiful shades!!!

From Left to Right: Snow Bunny; Beach Bunny; Sun Bunny; Pink Leopard.


Here’s a look that I’ve been wearing a lil too much this week! I’ve been loving how these bronzers make me look like I just got back from the beach! So to create the above look, here’s what I used.

  1. I applied Dark Chocolate Soleil in Deep Tan Matte all over my cheeks and forehead, brushing the left overs down my neck and onto my chest to give a natural looking tan to the skin.
  2. Using Chocolate Soleil in Medium Deep Matte, I contoured the hollow of my cheeks, nose, my eyes, forehead and jawline to chisel out my features.
  3. Using Beach Bunny, I applied it on the apples of my cheeks as blush.
  4. Using Sun Bunny, I applied it as an eye shadow shade all over my lids.
  5. Using Snow Bunny I highlighted the highest points of my cheeks as well as underneath my brow bone.


I highly recommend any of these bronzers to anyone! They not only look good, but some of them actually smell like chocolate too 😉

As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out this post! Hope you found this helpful. Leave any comments or questions you have down below, and I’ll ‘see’ you here next week!!


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