Why you should try OUAI hair oil!


img_3821I am sure by now you have all heard of Jen Atkins, and in case you haven’t, you may have seen her work on the red carpet! Many of the most successful celebrity stylists often create their own brands, and when the hair goddess herself created OUAI Haircare, I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it out for myself.

Let me just begin with a little bit of a back story.

As I mentioned in my prior post, this winter has had a huge impact on my skin and hair. My hair has been dry, dull, frizzy and thirsty for attention… it really is like nothing I have experienced before. With that being said, I have been putting many different products to the test, from drug store to high end. I’ve tried numerous hair masks, hair oils, conditioners, even switching out my shampoos. Nothing was really giving me the results I was looking for, until I reached over the counter and added a couple OUAI products into my basket.

To be honest, the shampoo was just so-so. I would skip out on the shampoo, it really was nothing special or worth raving about… What I am really impressed by is the OUAI Hair Oil. It seems like I always say “this product has changed my life”, but no really… it has changed my hair game! I can finally say goodbye to frizzy hair and say hello to gorgeous, soft, silky and shiny hair!!!!!

Here’s why you should try it:


This is one of those products that doesn’t have an over powering scent. Once you squeeze a couple pumps out of the bottle, you’ll notice the florally scent it gives off. However, it isn’t anything that is over whelming. It is fresh and light!

Bullet Proof

With a lot of hair oils, I tend to have a problem with it causing my hair to become greasy. However, I swear this stuff is pretty much bullet proof. No matter how much I apply, I never seem to have the same problem as I did with MANY other products in the market. It is extremely light-weight and user friendly!


I love how this product is so versatile. I’ve used this hair oil multiple ways and each time, the results are outstanding! First, it can be used as an overnight hair mask. When doing so, I wake up with some beautiful, soft, silky hair which no longer feels like my own. I also use it right out of the shower by sectioning out my hair, and applying a dime size amount to the ends. When styling my hair with heat, I apply this hair oil all over to help define and make it look natural while giving it extra texture and silkiness. Last but not least, this product works GREAT as a polisher on sleek ends… say goodbye to dead split ends!

Shop the OUAI Hair Oil here.







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