Must have beauty products in January



I can’t believe January is already over! What a busy month it has been. I have no doubt that with a blink of an eye, we will soon be moving into the summer months. With that being said, I’ve been experiencing this winter much differently than I ever have before. My skin, hair and body has just been feeling dry, dull and exhausted. I am officially paler than I ever have been before…. I am sooo ready for some sun and Vitamin D.

As per usual, I’ve tried a lot of different beauty products this month. As mentioned above, my skin just hasn’t been feeling the same, so I really had to find products that would change the way I look and feel. So, let’s get this started.



Near the end of December rolling into the beginning of January, my foundation was NOT sitting right. It was flaky, patchy and it just wasn’t staying on. It made me feel really insure when people would get really close to me. Adding this moisturizer into my skin routine has really changed the way my skin looks on the daily.  Not only does this product smell fresh and wonderful, but it works wonders!!

I apply just a small amount of this at night before bed, and in the mornings before applying my primer and foundation. What’s crazy is that on days that I forget to apply this moisturizer, my foundation really does look terrible. So for you ladies who may be experiencing the same thing, I strongly encourage you get a sample of this- I promise you it will “make a difference”.

Benefit- Watt’s Up!


Alright ya’ll, now this is watts up. Are you looking for a beautiful yet natural glow that looks good day and night? This stuff right here has been an everyday go-to. It blends easily, looks natural for everyday, and extremely build-able. I am not obsessed with glittery highlighters, and if you aren’t either, you really need to grab some of this! This transforms dull winter skin to beautiful, natural, glow-y, goddess skin 😉

The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette- Too Faced


This truly is an oldy but a goodie. I’ve really been loving the brown hues lately for my eyes. This palette gives you all the brown shades you will ever need. Throw a little on the crease, and I look put together everyday! This palette makes it easy and simple to create everyday looks that are effortless yet beautiful (especially when you keep hitting the snooze button in the morning yet still want to look put together).Not to mention, the palette SMELLS like a chocolate bar. YUM!

Estee Lauder- Sumptuous Extreme 


This mascara has been a favourite of mine for years. Every time I decide to try something new and come back to this, I remember why I love it so much! If you’re looking for long, clump-free, extension like lashes… say no more, this is a must have for sure!

My Favorite Night Balm 


With cold harsh winter comes painful chapped lips. This lip balm has been a life saver for me this winter. With just one application, my lips are magically transformed. It’s so soothing and keeps my lips moisturized for hours. I don’t just use it before bed, but also throughout the day. I WILL NOT leave my house without this

As per usual, thanks for stopping by!

Let me know in the comments below what you couldn’t live without this past month!


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