Is the MasterPalette by Mario worth the hype? Dupes?





When I first heard about the collaboration between Anastasia Beverly Hills and Makeup by Mario, I was ecstatic! I admire Mario, his creations on Kim Kardashian and other celebs are ALWAYS flawless! I knew I would have to add this one to my makeup arsenal. I quickly began to countdown the days until the palette would drop- I was not going to miss out on this one!

I absolutely love all of my Anastasia products. Their quality is great, and I have never had a bad experience. There’s been a couple times where I’ve wanted to purchase some of their palettes, but time and time again I would choose other palettes instead. This MasterPalette is my very first experience with Anastasia shadows and let me tell you– it was nothing short of amazing!


You will LOVE it if: 

1.Neutrals eyeshadows kinda gal

If you are like me, and you always resort to neutral eyeshadows– this palette is actually perfect! I love my golden shades, and this palette gives me those in a way that I have NEVER experienced them before.

2.Pigmentation, Pigmentation, Pigmentation

When I received my Sephora box in the mail, I ripped the box open, pulled the palette out, and instantly started playing. I wish I video tapped my expression when I first dipped my brush into Isabel (the perfect crease shade)… my jaw DROPPED… I am not kidding.

I was in AWE at the pigmentation. I had barely taped my brush on the shadow, HOW was it possible to get so much colour pay off???? A little bit of this goes a LONG way! I own so many different palettes, I’ve honestly never experienced anything like this!

3. Easy to blend & long-wearing

All the colours work seamlessly together. You could put minimal effort and your eyeshadow would still be on fleek. They blend amazing, and what I love most is that I could wear them all day long- without priming my eyes- and it still will not crease! I have never worked with any shadows before that did not crease on my lids, after wearing it for longer than 3 hours! I love love love that!



I won’t lie, the only con side to this palette is that there is A LOT of fall out. What I’ve learned to do when using this palette is to start by completing my eyes, then work on my face. That allows me to clean up the shadow on my face, instead of having it all over my completed foundation.


In terms of similar palettes? I quickly thought of two when I had first started using the MasterPalette..

  1. Make Up Forever Palette 1
  2. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

MasterPaletteDupes.jpgBoth of these palettes are neutrals. In terms of consistency and texture, MakeUp Forever definitely offered the same soft, buttery texture. However, upon swatching, although the colours were similar… I couldn’t find anything that could be used as a dupe!


The Chocolate Palette also definitely offered some very similar shades. But, I could really tell the difference in terms of formula. The MasterPalette is much more smooth, buttery and pigmented in comparison. (The Chocolate Bar does smell delicious though).




How to create this look:  Isabel in crease, Mariana all over lid, 5th Ave on tear duct & Mariana smoked out on bottom lash line

At the end of the day, I don’t mind so much the fall out. I’ve learned to work around it. I think the pigmentation and the quality of the shadow itself out weights the con.

This is definitely my current go-to! There hasn’t been a day where I’ve worn this and didn’t get a complement! (I even get complements from complete strangers on my shadow)

So here’s my review! I hope this helped you decide if you want to add this to your makeup collection or not!

I am SO happy I did! It’s so amazing… I am on my way to purchase a second one, cause I know I’m not going to be a happy camper once these hit pan!

Get it here














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