Healthy Pumpkin, Chia, Flax n’ Oats Pancakes



Hey Everyone!

It’s the thanksgiving long weekend and why not make some delicious and healthy pancakes for the fam (or yourself)?


Pancakes + Pumpkin? I really do think that is the BEST combination EVER!!

I love making pancakes, and I especially love making bulks at a time, freezing them, and then having them ready to go for a hearty breakfast or snack. (It’s a great little snack to offer friends when they come over… who doesn’t like pancakes?)

This really is a GREAT way to switch up the way you eat your oatmeal!!!! (As you know from my previous post, I get bored of plain old oatmeal REAL quick).Β 

My recipe is below! This recipe produces a large quantity. So, if you just want one meal, cut the ingredients in half (Trust me, it’s still plenty, I just like to go big, or go home, when I’m making these!).


  • 4c oat flour (use oatmeal and blend until fine)
  • 2tbsp baking soda
  • 1tbsp baking powder
  • 4 tbsp pumpkin spice
  • 4tbsp ground chai seeds
  • 4 tbsp flax meal
  • 2c pumpkin
  • 3c non sweet almond milk
  • 1/4c maple syrup
  • 2 eggs
  • Coconut oil (to cook)


  1. If you don’t have oat flourΒ – Blend 4c oatmeal until it turns into a flour like texture- I love using my Ninja blender for this! (It only takes seconds)
  2. Mix all the Dry Ingredients together in a bowl
    • 4C oat flour
    • 2tbsp baking soda
    • 1tbsp baking powder
    • 4 tbsp pumpkin spice
    • 4 tbsp ground flax
    • 4 tbsp ground chia
  3. Add all wet ingredients to dry mixture
    • 2c pumpkin
    • 2c non sweet almond milk
    • 1/4 c maple syrup
    • 2 eggs
  4. Mix/ Blend all ingredients
  5. Under medium heat, heat up coconut oil in a small non-stick pan
  6. Pour 1/2 c batter per pancake (or if you like them thicker pour more, this is up to you, and your own preferences)
  7. When you start seeing the bubbles through the middle, flip it over. Cook for about 30 secs on each side (depending on thickness)
  8. ENJOY!!!
  9. OPTIONAL: Put remaining pancakes in a large freezer bag, when you’re ready to have a pancake- simply take them out the freezer, heat in the microwave for 20 seconds on each side- VOILA!!!!
    freezer pancakes.jpg

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