White Spaces

What other way to make your place look more glamorous, elegant, and girly than having all white everything?

Okay… so  I recently moved (into a really small condo, might I add).  I wanted it to make it feel like home, somewhere I would be excited to go back to! So, what better way than to decorate it? Make it say “HEY! This is ME”.

I still need a little bit of decorating here and there, but I want my first post to be about my new condo… I AM OBSESSED!


So, if you ask me for one tip…  pick a theme! 

What are the colours you want? STICK with those colours schemes.

I chose white and pink accents for my living room, and white and purple for my bathroom.



More to come!



Where to find:

Kitchen counter table (SET): JYSK $500

Lounge Chair: Bouclair $280

Love seat: The Brick $600 Sale

Furry decor carpet: Homesense $40

Lamp: Bouclair $280 Sale

Furry Cushions (loveseat): Bouclair $21 ea

Lace Cushions (lounge chair): Home sense $20

Black and white strip place mats: Ikea $3 ea



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